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Arriva Trains Wales is a train operating company that has its operations in Wales and Welsh Marches. This train company is owned and managed by the Arriva which is the subsidiary arm of Deutsche Bahn. The train service mainly operates its services to urban as well as suburban places. All the major railway stations are served by the Arriva Travel Wales.

The company initially operated under the control and administration of Welsh Assembly Government. This train service was then taken over from the government by Arriva in 2003. In order to run the train service smoothly, the Railway Act was introduced in 2005 so that the government could closely work with the Arriva. Today the train service operates over a route length of 1700 kilometres serving more than 100 stations.

The Arriva Train Wales has routes that cover the Wales and Welsh Midlands. A brief summary of these routes has been given below.

Route 1 includes the services from Midlands to North/Mid Wales. The important stations that are covered by this route include Birmingham International, Birmingham New Street, Telford Central and Shrewsbury. The services that are offered on this line are express and stopping services. The frequency of trains is about 6 per hour.

Route 2 comprises of the long haul train services from South Wales to North Wales or Manchester. The main stations that are served by this route include Cardiff Central, Newport, Abergavenny, Hereford and Shrewsbury. The train then extend their route from Shrewsbury to reach Holyhead through a number of stations. The frequency of these trains varies according to the traffic and time.

Route 3 services cover the distance between South Wales Coast Line to Cardiff and further extended to Swansea. The express and local services are provided on this route and serve the main stations such as Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Carmarthen, Pembroke and Maesteg.

Route 4 services are offered along the North Wales Coast Line to Manchester. The express services are offered to the stations like Holyhead, Bangor, Llandudno Junction, Colwyn Bay and Chester. These trains are further extended to Crewe and Manchester Piccadilly. The passengers can change for the Merseyrail at Bidston which can be reached by the Borderlands Line.

Route 5 comprises of a network of a number of commuter lines that operate in and out of Cardiff. The train start from the Cardiff Central and terminate at the Cardiff Queen Station. This route incorporates other line such as Butetown Branch Line, Cardiff City Line, Coryton Line, Vale of Glamorgan Line, Methyr Line, Rhymney Line and Rhondda Line.

Tickets and other information
A wide variety of train tickets are provided to ensure that the passengers get the best value for money. There are a number of types of tickets that are offered by the company. The types of tickets that are available for most of the time of the year are:

Anytime: This is a fully flexible ticket which ensures that you travel on the train irrespective of time or any other constraints. There are no restrictions of time or day of the week on these tickets. The anytime tickets are available in number of avatars such as Single & Day, Day Return and Return. The Day & Single ticket is valid for a single journey between two stations on the date that is printed on the ticket. The Day Return ticket is valid for one return journey on the dates that are printed on the ticket. The Return ticket is a special ticket were the outward journey must be made within the 5 days of the date that is printed on it and the return journey must be made within one calendar month from the start date shown on the ticket.

Off Peak Season tickets: The Off Peak Season tickets offer you cheapest fares for travelling on the Arriva Trains Wales. The off peak season ticket has some restrictions regarding the time of the day during which the traveling must be done. On some selected routes, the tickets are much cheaper and have more restrictions; these tickets are called as Super Off Peak season tickets. The restrictions apply on the route on which you are travelling to. Refer to the online journey planner on the website of National Rail that will automatically work out the valid tickets for your travel. Like the Anytime ticket, the Off Peak Season tickets are also available in three avatars namely, Single & Day, Day Return and Return.

Advance: These are the single tickets that offer you a great value for money on the long haul journeys. These tickets can be booked well in advance and are subject to availability. There are certain offers and discounts that are offered on certain routes and destinations. The Advanced tickets can be purchased about 12 weeks before the date of travel and are subject to availability which means the early you book, the faster you will get the tickets on the desired date. The Advanced tickets can be purchased either through the website of Arriva, through the telephone booking or from the stations. You can reach the customer booking service by calling 08709 000 773 between 8 AM to 8 PM on Mondays to Saturdays.

Group tickets: There are discounts and other options for the group tickets. If your group has 10 or more members then you can contact the travel planner at Arriva. You can contact them at 0870 9000 767. The company assures that the group will be treated in a special manner and read out the group travel tips that are posted on the official website.

For smaller groups having members less than 10 can save a lot of money by buying the Group Purchase Ticket where each member will be entitled for a flat discount of 25 per cent. There are certain restrictions that are applicable on the Small Group tickets.

Season tickets: These tickets are best suited for those who travel along the same route every day. These tickets are available in the form of passes which are available for monthly or annual basis. Refer to the FAQ section of the site to know more.

Promotional Tickets
There are many promotional and tourist tickets that are available on the website. Some of the promotions that are offered are:

North-South Wales Premier Service
Wales Pass
Rovers and Rangers Tickets

Concessionary Travel
This is a special scheme that is launched by the Welsh Government where the Concessionary Travel is offered to the senior citizens. This travel ticket is applicable on certain selected routes. The following are the routes on which the concessionary tickets are applicable:

Conwy Valley Line
Wrexham to Hawarden Bridge
Cambrian Coast
Heart of Wales Line