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East Midland Trains is a British train operating company that is based in Derby. This train service is operational in the counties of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. The franchise was formed in 2007 and was formed out an alliance between Midland Mainline and eastern part of the Central Trains franchise.

This company was originally known as Stagecoach Midland Rail Limited but it was later renamed to its existing name. The company also has some majority stakes in some of other train services such as Virgin Trains and South West Trains.

The East Midlands Trains has two major brands namely, Mainline Inter City and Connect. The Mainline InterCity service is basically a service that connects the major towns and other places of London. The Connect service is for the urban and the sub urban areas. These services have been renamed in 2008 and are now called as "London" and "Local" services respectively. An integration of these two services has guaranteed the punctuality on these trains.

The fares of the East Midlands Train are subject to inflation at rate of 3.4 per cent per annum. So the fares of this train service are constantly changing. There is a hoist of varieties of tickets that are offered by the train service.

London Leisure: There are a whole lot of cheap train tickets that are offered by in this segment. The flavors of the cheap tickets that are offered by the company include First Class and Off peak.

The First Class ticket is available on a number of selected train routes and can be purchased from the online store or from the selected stations of this rail network.

Off Peak season tickets allows you to save more on your train. This cheap ticket is applicable at the special days of the week and can be redeemed at specific times of the day. Log on to their official website for more information.

London Business: This type of ticket is best suited for the business executives and professionals who need to have a working or relaxing environment on the trains so that they can work more efficiently. The First Class and Standard Class tickets are available in this category. To compare the services and prices do log onto the website.

Depending on your needs and requirements there are a number of other tickets so that your journey is comfortable and full of excitement. The anytime tickets provide you flexible options and can be bought at any time of the day.

Railcards can be used to get excellent value for money. The savings can be anywhere between 30 to 60 per cent.

GroupSave can be efficient way to save more on your group travels. For a group having more than 3 or more members can avail the benefits of GroupSave.

Rangers and Rovers are the perfect tickets for those who frequently travel on certain routes. These types of tickets can be availed on the other train networks of East Midlands Trains including East Midlands Ranger, Lincolnshir Day Ranger, East Midlands Rover, East Midlands Round Robin, Derbyshire Wayfarer Ranger and Kangaroo Ticket.

Season tickets can be purchased by those who regularly commute on the East Midlands Trains. The season tickets are available for the first and standard class. The tickets can be purchase several months before the departure of the train. There are monthly and annual season passes that are available online and from the stations. There is a 10 per cent saving on the carnet tickets which are available in the set of 5.

European travel: For those who are travelling from the stations such as Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leicester, Derby, etc. can buy exclusive fares to the some of the exotic destinations that are situated in continent of Europe.

On Board
Standard Class: This is the standard class which offers a number of facilities such as online recharge, Wi-Fi and dinner. The working environment is designed in such a way that you can prepare for your meetings or you can simply sit back and relax. The meridian services on certain selected routes are equipped with the plug points where you can recharge your laptops or mobile phones. There are Wi-Fi facilities on the trains which you can use by paying a fee which starts at £4 for three hours or £7.50 for a single day or you can also avail an annual pass of £425. There is special access to the First Class Lounges and is available to everyone who holds the ticket of these lounges. The tickets are priced on weekly (£15), monthly (£50) and yearly (£480) subscriptions.

A wide variety of food and beverages are served by the on seat trolley. You can choose from the sandwiches, cakes, pastries, coffee and tea. You can know more about the menu from their website.

First Class: This class offers you to a number of facilities such as free Wi-Fi, fresh milk that will be served along with the hot drinks and free snacks for breakfast. There are a number of benefits of the first class such as mouth-watering delicacies that are served on your seat. The seats are wider and have laptop charging points. You can upgrade your ticket for the First Class by paying a nominal fee. Check out the website for more offers and facilities that are given in the First Class.

Corporate Travel: This is for those who value the time and for them time is money in their business. The train journey ensures you are always on the move ahead of your competitors. The East Midlands Trains are much faster and efficient than the cars.

The company in its effort to reduce the carbon footprints allows you to bring in your bike on board. But there are only 2 bikes allowed per coach. On some routes you need to do cycle reservations. All the stations have the bike storage facilities that would park your cycle for free of cost.

Pets such as dog, cats, birds and other small animals are welcome aboard and no extra fares will be charged. The pets should be kept in an enclosed container at all the times. Check out the pet policy that is adopted by the company.