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" provides best information on UK rail system and you can also book train tickets from here easily. I always use this as a handy source of UK rail information."
"I am a regular train traveler and always use to book my train tickets. It is easy to navigate and provides accurate information on UK rail providers which is unmatched."


Raileasy is one of the leading ticket booking service providers of United Kingdom. This service offers you a variety of tickets of almost the major train operators. The best part of this service is that it provides information that covers almost all the forms of the transportation.

The company firmly believes in the customer satisfaction and is aware of all the needs and requirements that might arise during the travel. The best quality of Raileasy is its ability to provide up to date information in a fast and highly efficient manner.


The company believes in a complete customer satisfaction and it can provide all the necessary information about the travelling and accommodation that they need for their journey in UK. The tickets are affordable and are available in convenient forms. The company charges a minimal amount of commission on the train ticket bookings. Besides this booking of the tickets, the website also offers you discounts and schemes on the hotel accommodations and tickets to some of the hottest concerts, football games, music shows, museum tickets and other events that are being organized throughout the UK.

The Raileasy deals in tickets of almost every major train operators in UK. Some of them are:

C2C Rail Limited
Arriva South Wales
Virgin Trains
Chiltern Railways
Heathrow Connect
Heathrow Express
Standsted Express
Cross Country
London Underground and Overground
Docklands Light Railways
East Coast and much more.

Besides this the company has dedicated services for the Eurostar trains and their tickets are sold on behalf of the Eurostar.

Some of the services that are offered by the company include hotel booking, car rentals, Eurostar tickets, and special discounts on the shows that are performed in various theatres of London. Besides this there is separate tool such as Ticket Alert, Carbon Calculator, iGoogle, Best Fare Finder and thetrainline app for Android and iPhone mobile platforms which has eased the process of booking of the railway tickets. The app will download the site on your mobile phone and then you can book for your tickets easily later on.

Raileasy Fares

The fares and ticketing by Raileasy is done keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the passengers. If you are a businessman, student, tourist or a senior citizen, the company has something in store for everyone who wants to travel by train. The company aims at the cost effective train fares for your purpose. The company is a one stop solution to all your travel needs and the company has introduced the reservations for the other linked transports such as ferries, metros, buses, trams, tube, etc. There are booking on accommodations options such hotels, motels, guest houses, etc. also. The company also offers special discounts and offers on the Group Travel.

There are two kinds of travelling fares that are offered by Raileasy namely quota and Walk-in fares.

The Quota fares the cheaper of the two options and can be booked up to 12 weeks before the actual departure of the train. As expected, these tickets are available in limited numbers. Every train operator maintains a certain amount of the seats that would be booked in advance on each of coaches of the train. As the quota seats are sold on each of the particular trains, the tickets would become more expensive. Thus, the sooner you book the cheaper would be your tickets. In case of the intercity trains, the quota tickets are shown as reserved tickets.

The second type of fare on the Raileasy is the Walk in Fare which is more expensive and is available all the time. As the name suggests, you can buy these tickets before boarding the trains. You don't need to book them in advance.

On reading about the both types of fares of the Raileasy, one can easily make out that in order to obtain the cheapest train tickets, one should always opt for the quota tickets and sooner you purchase them the cheaper would the fares for it. The Walk in fares must be kept the last option for purchasing your tickets. These tickets must be purchased in wake of some unexpected event such as a business meeting, home coming and some relative becoming ill, these tickets will be available all the times. The company charges 0.75 for debit card payments and about 4.5 per cent of the ticket price for the credit cards payments.

The booking is simple and is a child's play. All you have to do is to enter your travel details and all the available options are enlisted on your screen. Now you can further refine the search results to suit your needs and requirements. One thing that must be kept in mind is to ensure that you give your correct mailing address so that the accurate and timely delivery of the tickets can be done. The website also offers you another benefit called as Tickets on Departure (TOD) which allows a customer to collect his or her tickets from the station of departure, if the station doesn't have a ticket vending machine. It usually takes about 5 to 6 days to deliver your ticket to your mailing address. Besides this, the customer helpline is always there to help you and guide you so that you get along well the booking process.

Raileasy Discounts

The company values its customers and want to offer a personalised schemes and offers to each individual customer according to his needs and requirements. There is a large category of customers who book their tickets with Raileasy and each has its own needs and outlook that must be catered to. Some of the discounts that are offered by Raileasy are:

Railcards: Railcards are accepted across all the major train operators and this card will entitle to give you discount of 33 per cent on your rail travel. The frequent users of the Raileasy can opt for the discounts from the Railcard and can receive deals on the tickets even the Raileasy cannot offer. Thus a regular traveller can get the five-star treatment with the Railcard. The railcard is available in a number of formats and is suitable for people across different age groups and needs. The Young Persons' Discount gives a discount of 33 per cent to the young persons in the age bracket of 16 to 25 years. The Young Person's Railcard holders are eligible for this discount only. This is best suited for the student and young workers to travel from their home to college or to work.

Senior Railcard is for the senior citizens and offer senior discounts to them. The offers and other schemes are introduced from time to time for the Senior Railcard holders.

Family Railcards also allows the families to visit and explore new places in UK without being paying a moon for it. The Family Railcard can give discount up to 33 per cent for adult travel and 60 per cent for the kids travel.

Season ticket discount is another offer that is presented by Raileasy. The travellers can buy the annual, monthly and weekly passes from the local train operators.