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thetrainline is an online telephone service that is provided to the customer which deals in the selling the train tickets of the British Rail. This site was created in 1997 and started its online operations in 1999. was initially a part of Virgin Group and is now controlled and managed by a bunch of private investors. With time, the business and operations of the company expanded and has acquired its main competitor in 2004. is a one stop solution for all your train traveling needs. The website is one of the biggest retailers in the UK for the train tickets. This company is authorised by the Association of Operating Companies. This authorization is a proof that the services will be transparent and no bias will be against any train company. The system will search through extensively all the databases of the participating companies and the user has the option to select the tickets according to his own choice and discretion.

The company apart from selling the tickets of some of the biggest and popular rail services, the company also provides the services of rail business travel services to some of the giant blue chip corporations and other travel management companies that provide travel solutions to the elite class across London and its surrounding areas. The company has its main offices in London and Edinburgh.

The company provides a fast and reliable service of tickets with detailed time tables and scope for the availability of the tickets. The interface of the thetrainline displays the details of the railway tickets and seat reservations of the different train operators. Being certified by the Association of the Operating Companies, means that the results which will be displayed are free from any kind of bias and favouritism.

Today the company owns a major share of the market involving the booking of the tickets and other services. The company has its major competition with Atos's WebTIS Product which is extensively used by the many companies such as East coast, Chiltern, Southern and Alto's site called as

The company claims to offer impartial service to its customers and has a database of about 293 million combinations of road and load combinations. There are more than 8 million subscribers of The company receives about 150 million requests for the booking of ticket annually.

Some of the services that are offered by the company include hotel booking, car rentals, Eurostar tickets, and special discounts on the shows that are performed in various theatres of London. Besides this there is separate tool such as Ticket Alert, Carbon Calculator, iGoogle, Best Fare Finder and thetrainline app for Android and iPhone mobile platforms which has eased the process of booking of the railway tickets. The app will download the site on your mobile phone and then you can book for your tickets easily later on.

The Carbon Calculator calculates the amount of Carbon emissions that have been reduced if you would have used the trains instead of cars. The Best Fare Finder is the companion for those who are in the search for the best fares. This app will let you know the economical train that would be leaving the destination.

Hotel Bookings: thetrainline has about 1000 hotels across the various cities of England and UK in its database. Some of the brands of hotels that are associated with trainline include Radisson, Hilton, Navotel, Sol Media, NH Hotels, Thisle and much more. The company has made an extensive search engine that will broaden up your searches so that you always have five or more options for certain needs or requirements.

Train tickets: thetrainline deals in the train tickets from Eurostar and other rail operators of UK. The main business interest of the company are the rail passes that are issued by the railway department of many European countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy and much more. There is a Global Pass that is also served by the company at very nominal rates. Besides this, the company also deals in international rail passes of United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Recently the company also added the passes and other rail products from South Africa, India and Korea.

All the bookings and reservations done on the site are submitted to the specific train operators and the fares may vary from operator to operator. thetrainline acts as an intermediary which sells the tickets on behalf of the Train Operating Companies.

The tickets can be booked through a number of payment gateways and banks. Once a ticket is booked, it can be delivered to the customer through a number of ways.

Normal Post: Normal Post involves the delivery of the tickets through the post at the residence or any other address that is specified by the customer at the time of booking. Make sure that you provide the accurate address.

Next Day Delivery: The Next Day Delivery is done through the Royal Mail Service that will send out tickets at your place. It is obligatory that you have to sign on the document in order to receive the delivery of the tickets.

You also have the option of collecting the tickets from the station itself. You only have to show your reference number in order to collect the tickets from the station.

E tickets can be sent out the user's mailbox which can be printed and it can be considered as a ticket.

Mobitix: These are called as paperless tickets where you can download the tickets on your mobile and then you can show them to the authorities whenever asked.

Car Rentals: This is another interesting section of the The company has an extensive network of car rental providers all across the world. The main operations are based in United Kingdom. The company has made agreements and pacts with the local operators that provide the car rental services.

Theatres: There is an extensive list of plays and shows that are being organised in different theatres that are situated in different parts of UK. The company offers you great deals and discounts on the shows, plays, musical concerts and much more.